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Friday, January 29, 2010


i thought i should show off my talent of writing short poems(or so it seems).
so here it is..

my work is yours to see,
your feedback is mine to keep.
at 4.30am with an all-over-the-place head,
what could be better, but sleep!

(by far the lamest i have been with my short poems).
some are ACTUALLY good, though! like, 3 and a half of them. :O) :)

ok goodnight.

and here's me with interesting hair, on an otherwise sober day:

pictorial storytelling.

pages from the final comic book.
one single frame cartoon of one's choice(above) and one single frame political cartoon(below that).
wallposter comic.

this was a course about making comic books. the first four images are the pages from my final book. its about a schizophrenic guy living his last days in an asylum.

below that are two earlier assignments.
the one with Spiderman deals with disadvantages of drinking. i thought a superhero context might appeal to more people. please read it. :)

sketching time!

study of light and shade.
gesture drawing from live models.
study of the hand.

so these are from 3rd year. human form study was the main motive.
these are few of the examples of all that.
coming up are more sketches and some more sketches.

feedback? :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

animation extract3.

post-it experiment.

stop-motion experiment using shirts.

stop-motion using toothbrush and toothpaste.

these are mostly stop-motion experiments. i am just doing small clips and trying to be in the experimentation mode for a while. stories will come. on their own.

like i said earlier, links to videos of these will be up VERY soon.

animation extract2.

walk and jump(on staircase).

head turn exercise.

one minute film.


sorry by mistake.

exercises done in Flash and also some hand-drawn stuff.
the one minute film is to be rendered in charcoal and that, is in progress, my friend!

will put up video links ASAP.

you could put your comments down on these till then.
that would be nice. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

animation extract.

morphing and clocks.

guitar dude.

viewfinder(a more,um,ambitious film that i REALLY wanna make ASAP).

these are basically frames taken from small clips i keep working on.
the last one ofcourse, is gonna be a longer film.
the next few posts will contain more of these, only difference being, when they were done.
these are all from last year(3rd year of college) and before that.

i will soon and very soon post up links to the video clips.
some need finishing. some need a start. :)

no explanation.

well, people get happy. and then they get all green. and then their eyes leak red spirals.

and this is a spaz break time.
enjoy it. :D






done for a Visual Communication-type course in my 2nd year in college. the basic idea was to take four words, find them in newspapers or magazines, etc.(basically found stuff, not our own), and create a composition for them.

i wasnt feeling too intelligent when i was creating the composition for the word 'road'. and i think i made it pretty clear up there in the image. :P :)


some of the 3D work done in college. i am more into 2D actually. this work is basic experimentation with modelling in 3DSMax and Maya.
i had a lot of fun experimenting with it though. :)