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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Super-Girlfriend!

So, its a regular night and Im working on my graphic novel as usual, and dying because of the deadline. Maanvi on the other hand, is bored, apparently, so she decides to take an old pillowcase and rips a big button off my jacket, and comes up with this -
So this is her "TEST" laptop jacket. she made this in about 30-45minutes, behind my back(quite literally, considering the arrangement of things in my room), and this is a warm-up to a better laptop jacket, with cloth, not from a pillowcase. she is going to wake up and make a "TEST" jacket for her external hard-drive, too. 
I am shocked at her multi-telent-ness, cz just when was getting over how AWESOME she is at sketching and painting, she stitched up a laptop jacket! and also mainly because, well,

I stare at things rather blankly when im bored.

Its quite depressing, as it is most AWESOME, to have a super-girlfriend. :)
She has a super-blog, too, which she is too cool to update all the time, considering, she is too busy saving worlds.
You should check it out though. its super.

Im gonna get back to work now. X_X