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Monday, February 13, 2012


mix.the experiment.the source.the light.home in the clouds?now pose.
result.sheltered reflection.sheltered reflection2.could we stop now please?sky cotton.go be free.
in and out of tune.jimm.pluto.break/coke.oh,rainy day.up in flames.
the source2.every is music.quiet time.
So I have finally updated my Flickr page after QUITE a while.
now go check it out!

Friday, February 10, 2012


So I got kinda obsessed with Pixel art recently.
Its quite depressing in the beginning when you dont know what you're doing,
but then eventually you get the hang of it and it actually works quite well!
I made a few of these while I was home, just for fun.
(Did these in Illustrator, and the ones of Maanvi were done keeping a photo-reference)

Random Brit-looking Old Man

Colorful Maanvi

Yours Truly

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Comic Books, etc.

This is a collection of Graphic Novels I have made in the recent past.

This is the first-Its called Risperidone.It is nothing fancy, it was just my first attempt at doing this,so I took the topic of Schizophrenia and worked my story around it.

Sorry about the way the pages have been laid out in the book.Its damn annoying, I know.But when i actually get down to almost RE-doing it, ill correct all of that.As of now please bear with me.And thanks for viewing. :)
PS: Risperidone is a kind of medication for Schizophrenia/Catatonia.

This is the second one-Its called Viewfinder.This story I wrote for an animation, but ended up taking it up as a Graphic Novel instead.This is the story about a girl who is a Photographer, and its about her obsession with her work and the longing for success.

These are the two main ones that I have done so far, and right now I am finishing work on another one, which I am doing for an NGO.
Here is a third one. I had made this in college too, for a timepass course thing.
Its very quick and rough, but hopefully the story comes across.Its about cockroaches. :D
I called it Undying.

in other Graphic Novel news-after FIVE long years!
I have discovered, in my cupboard, THIS comic, one that i was doing the summer following my First Year in college.
And now I plan to finish it!! 

There is an excitement in my stomach when I think about how strange and nice it is,to know that ive liked something since then, something I had almost forgotten how much I liked.
Anyway, here are pictures of the pages-

Felt Pen and all, huh! Who knew?! :D
It seems I almost forgot about certain talents of mine. :P