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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Comic Books, etc.

This is a collection of Graphic Novels I have made in the recent past.

This is the first-Its called Risperidone.It is nothing fancy, it was just my first attempt at doing this,so I took the topic of Schizophrenia and worked my story around it.

Sorry about the way the pages have been laid out in the book.Its damn annoying, I know.But when i actually get down to almost RE-doing it, ill correct all of that.As of now please bear with me.And thanks for viewing. :)
PS: Risperidone is a kind of medication for Schizophrenia/Catatonia.

This is the second one-Its called Viewfinder.This story I wrote for an animation, but ended up taking it up as a Graphic Novel instead.This is the story about a girl who is a Photographer, and its about her obsession with her work and the longing for success.

These are the two main ones that I have done so far, and right now I am finishing work on another one, which I am doing for an NGO.
Here is a third one. I had made this in college too, for a timepass course thing.
Its very quick and rough, but hopefully the story comes across.Its about cockroaches. :D
I called it Undying.

in other Graphic Novel news-after FIVE long years!
I have discovered, in my cupboard, THIS comic, one that i was doing the summer following my First Year in college.
And now I plan to finish it!! 

There is an excitement in my stomach when I think about how strange and nice it is,to know that ive liked something since then, something I had almost forgotten how much I liked.
Anyway, here are pictures of the pages-

Felt Pen and all, huh! Who knew?! :D
It seems I almost forgot about certain talents of mine. :P

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