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Saturday, June 26, 2010

first ever portrait!

hello all!
been a while since i posted!
a month or so.
ive been quite loaded with work, but today,
i took time out to make this on Corel Painter -

my first ever full-fledged portrait done on Painter!
turned out pretty ok i think!(contrary to my views when i first saw it done) :D
took reference from a photo of hers i had clicked. but took only REFERENCE. :)
other than that its done in about two hours from start to finish.
and i used 2B pencil and Acrylics.

so what do you think?
i encourage critiques and comments.
so please feel free and generous. ;)

thanks for viewing you all!

PS: somehow this particular model of mine here, has inspired me ALOT, recently! :)